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Module 5: Discussion on concepts

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Okay, so the curriculum didn’t mention this bit, but I found a post on the discussion board saying it might be an idea to discuss Module 5 concepts in our blog. Well, I guess the big starter is the actual assignment on Module 5 concepts, which is posted here.

Module 5 covers a lot of ground. I really don’t know where to start:

  • Information Ecologies
  • Case Study: Peer to Peer
  • Preparing for ‘future shock”

1. Asynchronicity
2. Your audience’s use of communication
3. Effective Internet communication combines technical and communicative competence
4. Reflective Communicative Practice
5. The mobility of electronic digital data
6. Reading the difference between ‘surface’ metadata and ‘implied’ metadata
7. Netiquette
8. The invisibility of difference
9. Permanent ephemerality
10. Automation
11. The relationship of data to meta-data
12. Communication and Information are related
13. Communication is not complete upon receipt
14. Cyberspace is informationally created ‘space’
15. Metaphors of use and communication differentiation
16. Communication and communication management: melding
17. The impact of text-based real-time chat
18. Non-speech communication through text: audience and authors’ responsibilities
19. Public and Private
20. Active communication generates identity awareness
21. Threading
22. Public space and regulation
23. Human-computer interfaces
24. Client-server two-way interactions
25. Identity and location
26. Privacy and Security
27. The persistence of history
28. The paradox of the World Wide Web
29. The challenge of ‘fast’ data
30. Frames: the information-display challenge
31. Hypertext: links or structure?

Since the assignment covered a lot of the topics in the numbered list, I’ll pick one of the topics in the first three concepts (not numbered).

Preparing for “future shock”

Personally, I believe that people are going to migrate further into wireless technology usage: Things like mobiles, PDAs and small laptops are just the tip of the iceberg. Basically, people want to stay connected to the people and information that the internet links us to. But we don’t want to sit at screens all the time, just as we didn’t want to stay at home in order to have a phone conversation. Mobile technology is the way of the future. We will also see an increase in internet-enabled devices. Whatever devices help to streamline the process of getting information from and to the internet is going to become more and more popular. These devices are inputs and outputs (like a keyboard, mous and screen), while the internet is the huge information processor.

There are still many people yet to catch on to the phenomenon of using the internet socially. Gen Y and many of Gen X are perfectly comfortable with this. I believe thus usage will only increase as the years go by.

Here’s an interesting article on the way Gen Y use the web and a nice slide on how Gen Y (and some of Gen X) is approaching the usage of the internet for work purposes.

I think if you’re unsure where the internet is headed that maybe you should spend some time watching what young people are doing with it.


Written by Angela Randall

May 26, 2008 at 6:23 am

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