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Module 4: Downloading Task

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Aargh. I don’t need any of this. I hate downloading and installing things I don’t need. I do download things and install them often, despite my hatred of it. So, this exercise is also somewhat pointless in terms of teaching me stuff.

I have installed things for this course, already. I installed filezilla for the FTP task. This was because I couldn’t remember the command line flag for ssl – Doh! I could have looked it up, but I figured I’d download filezilla because it’s sometimes handy, it’s a good program and I usually have it.

Maybe, I’ll share what I use instead of these programs.

  1. Instead of Acrobat Reader, I use Foxit Reader. It’s A LOT smaller than acrobat and just does what it needs to. And free. šŸ˜€
  2. Flash player = check. Almost essential these days šŸ™‚
  3. Media Players: Ugh I hate quicktime. It takes over your computer and is a great lesson in why I hate installing stuff I don’t need. The other two are okay, I guess. But try using VLC. It’s free, very good and it will play just about anything.
  4. Computer search. Hrm. I mainly tend to use my computer as a vessel for temporary storage. Most of what I want to keep is online and backed up in other places online. Could be useful for some people though. I might download and take a closer look at copernic.
  5. Bookmarks. Well, I’m entirely Deliciousified. My firefox toolbar has many many rss feeds of my delicious bookmarks and other fun feeds I find online. But that’s just for fun really. Never again will I be stuck with all my bookmarks on a computer that just crashed.
  6. Offline browser/copier. Not useful in my world. I can see it’d be great for some.. but a) I’m rarely offline. b) When I am looking at websites I usually need to research or get recent updates. Pre-stored stuff would be pointless for me. I used to have an offline broswer thing set up on my palm, but I rarely looked at it because everything was old by the time I checked it.

Thoughts on Copernic: This might be quite useful. I’ll have a go at the search task and let you know. šŸ˜€


Written by Angela Randall

April 18, 2008 at 10:29 pm

Posted in module 4, tasks

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