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Module 3: Web 2.0

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I use a lot of web 2.0 stuff. I guess my definition is anything that allows for easy information sharing between websites. Take for instance all the stuff in my sidebar or my Myspace page or my blog. All of that is content that’s generated elsewhere, but I can easily share it anywhere. All my pictures (via Flickr), music taste (via and iLike), bookmarks (via delicious), twitter updates, feeds of my other blogs (via feedburner), travel destinations (via 43 places), to do lists (via 43 things or remember the milk), Flixter movie ratings, the meebo chat widget etc.

The point is in the off-site content generation. These widgets just display what’s being generated elsewhere. It’s far more useful than written html because it gets updated as you change things elsewhere. I don’t need to keep adding my favourite links, photos or music because the widget will do it for me. Tis teh awesome.


Written by Angela Randall

April 18, 2008 at 9:53 pm

Posted in module 3, tasks

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