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Module 2: Chat with Classmate

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When I finally found a classmate online to chat to it was Peter Drewer. We went through all the usual topics: study, work, travel and religion.. only to find that he knew my ex-stepdad from 20 years ago. Go Adelaide. ๐Ÿ˜€

Anyway, we were chatting for a good 2 1/2 hours, so I’ll only cut and paste a teensy bit of the log.


[11:13] PeterDrewer: So, what is your preferred chat tool?
[11:14] PeterDrewer: We are supposed to discuss the relative merits etc…
[11:15] 54770840: oh yeha..
[11:15] PeterDrewer: I find typing a bit tedious – for a one-on-one I’d much rather use the phone
[11:15] 54770840: Hmm. Tricky to answer
[11:16] 54770840: Ah, but you couldn’t chat on the phone while you’re at work (most of the time)
[11:17] 54770840: All messaging is a good way of chatting with semi-asynchronistic style
[11:17] PeterDrewer: Yes, I can see how it could be useful for a ‘slower than real time’ session – long pauses of half hour or more over the phone could be a bit weird
Chat could be useful for collaboration/brainstorming – sort of a poor man’s conferencing
[11:17] 54770840: I know I’m chatting to you, yet I can get on with my work between messages
[11:18] PeterDrewer: Am I that slow?
[11:18] 54770840: heh no
[11:18] 54770840: But I’ve managed to fit in quite a bit of work
[11:18] PeterDrewer: That’s OK – yes would have been fine
[11:18] 54770840: no..
[11:18] 54770840: heh
[11:18] 54770840: It’s not so much the speed of the response that counts
[11:18] PeterDrewer: What are you supposed to be working on at the moment
[11:19] 54770840: I’m editing educational material, putting it in XML and uploading it
[11:20] PeterDrewer: I manage our own super fund, so I’m keeping an eye on the sharemarket most mornings
[11:20] 54770840: That’s cool ๐Ÿ™‚
[11:20] PeterDrewer: Are you with the SA Education dept then?
[11:20] 54770840: Nope. A small place
[11:20] 54770840: ugh typo
[11:21] PeterDrewer: OK – That’s fine – not everyone can work for the govt – someone has to pay real taxes
[11:21] 54770840: Hah, True
[11:22] 54770840: Most people haven’t heard of us. We mainly do TAFE material at the moment
[11:22] 54770840: We tend to market lecturers rather than students
[11:23] PeterDrewer: Yes, I can see a need for that – it would pretty tough cranking out the material if you were a lecturer
[11:24] PeterDrewer: Typo – sorry
[11:24] PeterDrewer: Is someone monitoring your diligence at the moment?
[11:25] 54770840: Not exactly
[11:25] 54770840: We are trusted to not overdo the messaging
[11:25] 54770840: This is probably the longest conversation I’ve ever had while at work
[11:26] PeterDrewer: Getting back to retirement for a brief moment – it’s a bit weird – I don’t feel old, but then I am; and despite theoretically having all the time at my disposal, there just aren’t enough hours in the day
[11:26] PeterDrewer: Re the length of the chat, is work supporting you education program?
[11:26] 54770840: Anyway, I was trying to redeem myself on the timing of responses front: I presume that you are doing other things on your computer while you chat to me.
[11:28] 54770840: This means that I feel comfortable doing work between your messages as it’s not likely to impact things too much. That’s all I mean. Not that you’re slow!
[11:28] 54770840: Re retirement: Why feel old? You’re just getting started
[11:29] PeterDrewer: Sort of – I’m not really all that great at multitasking – I honestly think that women are better at that – part of the evolutionary process – men just had to worry about themselves and hunting (i.e. playing); whereas the women had to keep things together, keep an eye on on all the kids etc
[11:29] 54770840: re chat length: No. I am paying for it myself and I do it in my own time
[11:29] 54770840: OH.. Sorry then
[11:29] PeterDrewer: Don’t worry – it’s honestly not a problem!
[11:31] PeterDrewer: Actually, I don’t _feel_ old – that’s just the reality of it; but then I kid myself that age is just a mental thing
[11:32] 54770840: People stay mentally young as long as they want to
[11:32] PeterDrewer: Well, I’m trying real hard…
[11:32] 54770840: I’ve seen 98 year olds healthier and younger acting than 40 year olds
[11:34] PeterDrewer: My Mother is 96, and she still has all her marbles, but is (and always was) totally non-technological; she was a schoolteacher
[11:36] PeterDrewer: Do you use chat for work too? If so, I presume that it is not ICQ
[11:36] 54770840: Not really
[11:37] 54770840: Almost everyone in my office is on their preferred chat client (now) but we don’t use it for work
[11:37] PeterDrewer: Compatibility (non) between some of the chat tools/servers could be a problem
[11:37] 54770840: We need the excuse to go stretch our legs occasionally
[11:37] PeterDrewer: What do most people use, do you think?
[11:38] 54770840: Most young people use MSN
[11:38] 54770840: Most geeks I know use ICQ
[11:38] PeterDrewer: OK – I can sort of understand that
[11:38] 54770840: Anyone who uses gmail uses gmail chat (which is jabber)
[11:39] PeterDrewer: I do have a gmail acct, but wasn’t really aware that they offer chat too
[11:40] PeterDrewer: I had a chat with myself the other day (exciting!) – one end was MSN and the other Yahoo
[11:40] 54770840: Well, ICQ has been around longer. And since people can use clients like trillian or meebo to log in to everything they figure they people can use one of them to chat to them. And some of them have moral objections to msn
[11:40] 54770840: OH and mac users seem to be addicted to AIM
[11:40] PeterDrewer: I gather that several in NET11 are using Pidgin
[11:40] 54770840: yup. Also very useful
[11:41] 54770840: re gmail: Yup. Look on the left and activate it


Written by Angela Randall

April 8, 2008 at 8:57 pm

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