Internet Communications – By Angela Randall

An exploration of internet communications

Module 3: WWW Standards

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So, my 5 best rules for writing online? Hmm.

  1. Be honest & be yourself. If everyone wrote like a text book the internet would be a truly boring place. Text limits the amount of personality you can show, so you have to be a little inventive when expressing yourself.
  2. Don’t ever write anything online you’d be upset with your boss, grandmother or the police finding. Someone unlikely will find it one day. If you’re not sure JUST DON’T DO IT. Same goes for photos etc.
  3. Similarly to point two, and possibly conversely to point one, try to use language and grammar correctly. If a potential employer looks at your blog to find that you misuse their/they’re/there they probably won’t hire you for anything other than their cleaner. This is public and it will haunt you forever, so do your best.
  4. Brighten things up with pictures and video. Explore the internet for free stuff and work out ways to make your writing more appealing.
  5. Don’t copy other people’s work. This goes for writing as well as photos and other media. If you really want to show off someone else’s work then link to them and give them some kudos.

Written by Angela Randall

April 2, 2008 at 11:32 pm

Posted in 1, module 3, tasks

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