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Module 3: HTML

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I’ve been making websites for ages now, but I still took a look at the HTML tutorial. I started actually doing the steps so that I could submit the required results into WebCT for marking, but when I realised that it left us open to try stuff and finish with pretty much any result we like I thought otherwise. I looked at a few other people’s sites and figured a few people had had similar thoughts. I do feel sorry for anyone in the class who is unfamiliar with HTML, as they’re going to feel a little intimidated by the shiny sites that are going up early as the HTML savvy realise they can get this task over and done with really quickly!

Anyway, for my site I essentially put up one of the pages behind my blog. I just edited a few lines to make sure pictures and the css were referenced properly (ie the full url rather than just “Pics/funnypic.jpg”). Anyone looking at that page will find that all the links will take you to my real site, rather than more pages in WebCT.

What is a little weird is that WebCT brings up the site in a teensy tiny window by default. As my pages are entirely dynamic it looks REALLY CRAP that small. But it’s good for a giggle. 🙂


Written by Angela Randall

April 2, 2008 at 11:04 pm

Posted in module 3, tasks

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