Internet Communications – By Angela Randall

An exploration of internet communications

Module 2: Chat

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So, for this task we are to use ICQ, IRC, AIM, MSN or some other form of chat method in an arranged chat with other class members. I haven’t used IRC in a while, but I’m on ICQ, AIM and MSN via Meebo most of the time anyway, so it will just be a matter of seeing what the other classmates want to use. Easy.

In terms of preference though, for a group chat IRC will always win hands down. For some reason MSN and ICQ group chats never seem to work quite right.. and to use them you have to all be running the proper software. There’s Meebo chat rooms, too. they’re great, but I’d have to convince people to go use meebo or visit the Internet Studies room url. I’ve joined the Net11 ICQ group, too.


Written by Angela Randall

April 1, 2008 at 8:51 pm

Posted in module 2, tasks

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