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An exploration of internet communications

Module 1 – Telnet Task A

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I always remembered telnet as being clunky and slow. I forget sometimes that this was merely because I used to use it over a dialup connection (with an ancient modem), connecting to uni at a time when it considered a full load to be a handful of users. Of course it’s fast – it’s just text.

Maybe I should remember telnet as an option when I’m shaped. 🙂

————– My Results ————–
You searched for the AUTHOR: bennahum
2 AUTHORS found, with 2 entries; entries 1-2 are: LOCATIONS
Bennahum David A 1936
______________________________________________________________________________ 1 Managed care : financial, legal, and ethical M,
Bennahum Ninotchka
______________________________________________________________________________ 2 Dance & community : Congress on Research in M,

————– End My Results ————–


Written by Angela Randall

March 15, 2008 at 1:05 am

Posted in links, module 1, tasks

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