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An exploration of internet communications

Module 1 – Telnet Task B

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Ooh.. telnet:// is cute 🙂

I love how things like this are still around – people can be such fun! ASCII art is another great proof that art is at it’s most creative when limited by something. For most art this usually implies cost and space, or the amount of actors available. Early art online is much the same, showing that when you’re limited to text it’s still possible to create pictures. It’s still used today in email signatures etc.

Future developments in creativity will probably focus on things that are current limitations:

  • We live in a (mainly) globalised world, yet we have many language barriers. Perhaps we will see an increase in pictograms and video to communicate online?
  • We have time-zone limitations around the globe.
  • We are all extremely busy these days.

Who knows? But I’m sure it’ll be fun to watch unfold.


Written by Angela Randall

March 15, 2008 at 1:30 am

Posted in module 1, tasks

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