Internet Communications – By Angela Randall

An exploration of internet communications

Module 1 Readings

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So, module one is basically a refresher (or intro for some) on how the internet works, and says a bit about servers and routers. It explains a whole lot of acronyms and stuff. If you were new to this it might seem a little overwhelming, but it’s really just a dot point list of things you have to know before anyone will ever believe you know anything about the internet. As someone it’s not news to, I still found it a useful refresher and not too tiresome to read through. If you are new to this, I’d be inclined to suggest re-reading that section every few weeks until it makes more sense. Maybe also bookmark the link to “How stuff works” and keep that for future reference beyond this course.


Written by Angela Randall

March 14, 2008 at 11:22 pm

Posted in module 1, readings

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